In Roxtec Transit Designer, what is the green dash line in the design screen?

What is the purpose of the green line between the frame opening and my entered “match hole” dimensions?

Hmmm, compared to the purple dash-line (match hole), I assume the green line is to illustrate the aperture as Transit Designer recommends in nominal, though the installation instruction we have the tolerance for reference.

I think it is great to remind the user,but could be better if the tolerance reminding information was put together with the recommend hints, so the designer won’t go too far away from what it’s supposed to go.

The green boarders are used for a new feature that we are testing. It is not supposed to be visible when matching hole as we don´t offer any explanation yet. So we will suppress it to not create any more confusion.

Thanks Milton! Do you have any intention to add circular geometry to the match hole feature in the future?

The intentions are to cover round geometry in the new feature.