Missing diameter solution in KOS frame

We have conduit with a diameter of 78mm and 128mm.
The preferred solutions will be RS125 UG and RS175 UG … but these aren’t available in KOS.

Is Roxtec planning to extend this range? It’s weird to build half of the building with KOS and the rest with a different solution.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We have chosen to standardize sizes on the KOS side and instead offer multiple choices on the seal side. In your specific case RS145 UG and RS195 UG would be the solution that supports your design and fits in our KOS sizes.

Hello Mats, thx for your prompt reply. I looks like it will solve our challenge!

Hi again, I was a little quick on the keyboard there. Please contact your local Roxtec office to get the special version of those two RS sizes that fits in our KOS. They are not yet available as standard of the shelf but available to purchase. Hence you do not find them in Transit Designer yet either. What you need is RS 150 with adjusted inner diameter and RS 200 with adjusted inner diameter which we can supply.