Request to improve drawing loading in the floor plan section

Hello, all,

We are doing installation quality verification for transits on LNGC carriers in the shipyard.

One of the inconveniences during the verification was that we always had to scroll down (search) to find and designate the MCT’s location on a drawing.

If the latest drawing that I pointed to the MCT location right before is at the top of the list, we can save a little bit of time.

I wonder if it can be quickly updated but, hopefully will be updated in near future😄

If you need further information or if there is something unclear, please contact me.

Hi Jinwoo,
If I understand you correctly we are talking about the Mobile app? What you would like is that if you are walking a deck and plot transits as you go we should re-arrange the order we show the floorplans to always have “latest used” on top?
Not a bad idea. We will look into that.
You can also, if you know where each transit is located use the web-application to plot many transits on a floorplan in one go.

Hello Mats,

Yes, I’m talking about when we use the mobile application.

When we mark the transit location, we can see the preview drawing list(‘floor plans’).

The order of drawings is fixed, It doesn’t change.

Imagine that you are checking 100 transits on the ‘A deck’, and we should mark all the transit locations on the same drawing (A deck drawing). To mark each location with the A deck drawing, we have to scroll down the ‘floor plans’ every time to find ‘A deck drawing’ for 100 transits.

If there’s hundreds of drawings in the ‘floor plans’…I don’t want to imagine that…:sweat_smile: