The easy way having a bit of spare modules in the spare area,

One of my major customers, HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries), requested that we develop a function to adjust the percentage of spare modules.

  • I think that it would not be simple to find a solution for this issue.

There are only two options that we have when we organize spare areas.

  1. Put ‘spare modules’ where cables don’t penetrate.

  2. Put 'solid modules’ where cables don’t penetrate.

What HHI wants is like the below: when they arrange modules, They would like to have 'some spare modules’ in the spare area automatically.

Now, the customer arranges modules one by one manually to change from solid modules to spare modules. If there are 1,000 transits, they need to check and change 1,000 transits.

Advantages that the customer could have with this kind of module setup are:

  1. Time-saving for installation.
  2. Cost-saving
  3. Even though there are small quantities of spare modules, it can reduce the risk of adding cable in the future a bit.

I will check with the team and let you know if we can add a feature like this.

We have now implemented a new option under edit opening.

This button will show the opposite of what you have configured in the project settings.