Transit Build & Operate - New version released (1.15 / 1.32) [2023-09-12]

A new version of Transit Build & Operate has been released.

1.15 / 1.32


  • Added a progress bar when opening the people tab, as this can take a moment to load if there are many collaborators.

  • Included the name of whoever closes an inspection in the notification email

  • Moved the “Reference Location” toggle to the floor plan view

  • Added tooltips when you hover over an icon in the Floor Plan view

  • Added an error message where a blank screen was shown previously

  • The transit log now displays the Floor plans display name instead of the filename.

  • Fixed table column headers of transit and inspection reports. They should now correctly reflect the content.

  • Fixed the position of the “Download reports” button on lower resolutions

  • Fixed transparent table headers that appeared when scrolling through the Asset access list.

  • Added notification that users will be notified via email when changing asset access.

  • The application no longer saves if the user edits a transit without making any changes

  • Added number of openings / collaborators statistics to the asset overview

  • Changed the display of images filenames in the transit log to a serial number.

  • Various bug fixes and backend improvements