Transit Build & Operate - New version released (1.16 / 1.33) [2023-10-17]

A new version of Transit Build & Operate has been released.

1.16 / 1.33


  • Added a save button when editing custom data fields while removing the autosave.

  • Enabled auto-focus when editing custom data field

  • It is now possible to place transits on floor plans in the web interface

  • Added a select all function when working with the people list

  • Long floor plan names are now truncated under the transits page. The full name is displayed as a tooltip when hovering.

  • Updated the transit log to only show demand specifications when they change

  • Adjusted the button padding for a confirmation dialog

  • Fixed the Trail / Training asset alignment in the assets list

  • Removed duplicate images from the transit log. Only unique images will be shown.

  • Added a “Select all button” in the transits list.

  • Added a tab for the “Place Transits” function that shows transits on other floor plans.

  • Added a dropdown menu in the transits list that allows editing of multiple transits. Currently available options “Edit Demand Specifications” “Attach Documents” “Tag Items”

  • Various backend and security improvements