Transit Build & Operate - New version released (1.17 / 1.34) [2023-10-30]

A new version of Transit Build & Operate has been released.

v1.17 / v1.34

  • Fixed that the “Remove collaborator” button was visible even if the user lacked access to it

  • Fixed alignment of text in the asset overview

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when deleting assets with no collaborators.

  • Improved several UI elements for mobile devices

  • Fixed a bug where the “back” button was missing

  • Added a function to change the size of the Transits icons displayed on the floor plan

  • Fixed the sorting of solution product groups

  • Modified the global filter to allow filtering based on each individual transit opening

  • Fixed a bug where certain actions would not generate a transit log post

  • Fixed a bug where the asset dashboard would not properly load the latest transit status

  • Changed the filter option “per opening” from a checkbox to a toggle

  • Various bug fixes and backend improvements