Transit Operate - New version 1.36.1 [2024-01-30]

1.36.1 - 2024-01-30

  • Fixed the styling of certain splash screens

1.36.0 - 2024-01-30

  • Updated the pricing model for both Transit Build & Operate. They now share the same pricing model.

  • Changed certain icons

  • Changed the spacing on certain buttons

  • Moved notifications that were partially blocked by the LiveChat icon

  • Removed the perspective dropdown menu for non transit products

  • Changed the behavior of select / deselect all buttons. The behavior should now be consistent for all buttons.

1.35.2 - 2024-01-10

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from accessing the application

1.35.1 - 2024-01-10

  • Fixed an issue where users would get email notifications regarding access changes but no changes had occurred

  • Changed “Remove Asset” to “Remove Product Type” to better reflect new functionality

  • Removed the Sandbox asset tour as it was not used

  • Added the option to filter on water / gas tightness in the global demand specification filter

1.35.0 - 2024-01-05

  • Updated the color scheme of drop down menus

  • Fixed an issue where clicking Edit location would generate an error message

  • Removed “Openings” from non transit products

  • When selecting a floor plan the application will automatically set the filter to that floor plan

  • Fixed an issue where EMC and EX labels would not display correctly when editing multiple demand specifications

  • Removed the geolocation field from Add transit on Marine & Offshore assets

  • Non-transit products will now have their properties shown in the item list

  • Changed the “Transit Openings” tab to “Openings and tags” for transits and “Tags” for other products

  • Updated the delete asset component to support other product types

1.34.5 - 2024-01-05

  • Fixed an issue where a transit log post was generated even when no changes were made

1.34.4 - 2024-01-05

  • Fixed an issue where transits could not be placed / removed from floor plans

1.34.3 - 2024-01-05

  • Fixed an issue where the global filter would not update correctly when using the free text search

  • Added a “Get Reports” button to the dropdown menu when transits have been selected in the list

1.34.1 - 2023-10-30

  • When hoovering over an item that can be dragged onto a floor plan, the cursor will change to reflect this

  • Removed the function to add multiple transits using a mobile device

1.34 - 2023-10-30

  • Fixed that the “Remove collaborator” button was visible even if the user lacked access to it

  • Fixed alignment of text in the asset overview

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when deleting assets with no collaborators.

  • Improved several UI elements for mobile devices

  • Fixed a bug where the “back” button was missing

  • Added a function to change the size of the Transits icons displayed on the floor plan

  • Fixed the sorting of solution product groups

  • Modified the global filter to allow filtering based on each individual transit opening

  • Fixed a bug where certain actions would not generate a transit log post

  • Fixed a bug where the asset dashboard would not properly load the latest transit status

  • Changed the filter option “per opening” from a checkbox to a toggle

  • Various bug fixes and backend improvements

1.33 - 2023-10-17

  • Added a save button when editing custom data fields while removing the autosave.

  • Enabled auto-focus when editing custom data field

  • It is now possible to place transits on floor plans in the web interface

  • Added a select all function when working with the people list

  • Long floor plan names are now truncated under the transits page. The full name is displayed as a tooltip when hovering.

  • Updated the transit log to only show demand specifications when they change

  • Adjusted the button padding for a confirmation dialog

  • Fixed the Trail / Training asset alignment in the assets list

  • Removed duplicate images from the transit log. Only unique images will be shown.

  • Added a “Select all button” in the transits list.

  • Added a tab for the “Place Transits” function that shows transits on other floor plans.

  • Added a dropdown menu in the transits list that allows editing of multiple transits. Currently available options “Edit Demand Specifications” “Attach Documents” “Tag Items”

  • Various backend and security improvements

1.32.1 - 2023-09-14

  • Image serial numbers are now correctly carried over to the next log entry on grouped entries.

  • Fixed Geolocations bug where the add locations button did not work.

  • Image serial numbers should now be included in all transit log entries with images.

1.32 - 2023-09-12

  • Added a progress bar when opening the people tab, as this can take a moment to load if there are many collaborators.

  • Included the name of whoever closes an inspection in the notification email

  • Moved the “Reference Location” toggle to the floor plan view

  • Added tooltips when you hover over an icon in the Floor Plan view

  • Added an error message where a blank screen was shown previously

  • The transit log now displays the Floor plans display name instead of the filename.

  • Fixed table column headers of transit and inspection reports. They should now correctly reflect the content.

  • Fixed the position of the “Download reports” button on lower resolutions

  • Fixed transparent table headers that appeared when scrolling through the Asset access list.

  • Added notification that users will be notified via email when changing asset access.

  • The application no longer saves if the user edits a transit without making any changes

  • Added number of openings / collaborators statistics to the asset overview

  • Changed the display of images filenames in the transit log to a serial number.

  • Various bug fixes and backend improvements