User Manual - Android app

1. Install and start the app
2. Select and synchronize asset
3. Transits
3.1 Add transit
3.2 Edit transit
4. Floor plans

1. Install and start the app

Open the Google Play Store on your android device and install Roxtec Transit Operate.
Start the application and login using your Roxtec Transit Operate account.

2. Select and synchronize asset

When you have logged in to the application, you will see a list of all the assets that you have access too. If you dont see the asset that you wish to work on, please contact the asset administrator to be invited as a collaborator


After an asset has been selected, you need to synchronize it to see the latest information.


Select what items you wish to syncronize and hit “synchronize now”
Photos can be large in size and use a large amount of bandwith when syncronizing.
Please keep this in mind if your bandwith is limited.

You can also setup Automatic synchronization for the asset.
And if the sync should only take place when a Wi-Fi connection is available.

3. Transits

Under the transits tab you will see all the transits for the selected asset.

You can search for a specific transit name


You can setup a filter to find transits that meet certain criteria.



Select to show only transits that have Photos or Comments

Current status

Select to show transits with a particular status


Select to show transits that have been updated during certain dates


Select to show transits on a particular floorplan.


Select to show transits with certain tags

3.1 Add transit

When you are in the transit list or have a floorplan selected, press the + sign to add a transit.

Select a name for the transit

QR identified
Scan the QR code of the transit

Select the manufacturer of the transit

Product type
After a manufacturer has been selected, you can select the product type of the transit

Product comment
Add an optional free text comment

Demand Specification

Specify the fire rating of the transit

Specify the water rating of the transit

Specify the gas rating of the transit

Specify if the transit is rated for EX

Specify the EMC of the transit

Demand specification comment
Free text comment regarding the transit ratings

Add an optional free text tag to the transit


Select if the transit is vertically or horizontally aligned
Vertical: Ceiling / Floor (deck)
Horizontal: Wall (bulkhead)

Select Drawing
Select the floor plan on which you want to place the transit.
Zoom in to the correct location on the floor plan then press and hold to place the transit.

Change or view marked location
Use this option to change the location of a transit
Zoom in to the correct location on the floor plan then press and hold to place the transit.

Location comment
Optional free text comment regarding the location of the transit

Secondary location
After the primary location has been selected, you will be able to add a reference plot in a secondary location. This can be used to show the transit on a secondary floor plan, for example on the other side of a deck, floor or ceiling.

The plotted transit will be marked with an R

Quick Actions

When all required information has been filled in, you can select to Save and set status
This will save the transit, and lets you select a status for each opening

Save transit

If you want to save the transit without setting a status, click the check mark.


3.2 Edit transit

Select a transit from the transit list or select a transit by tapping it on the floor plan

Here you will be able to change all information of the transit. Contains the same information as from Add transit

Pressing this button will locate the transit on the floor plan

3.3 Set status

Change the status of one or several openings.

Select the openings you want to change status for. In the example A1 and A2 is selected.

You can select to view a checklist to easily track that all required installation steps have been taken.
Swiping right will set the checklist item to green (done)
Swiping left will set the checklist item to red (not ok)


You can take a picture, it will be added in the event log for the selected openings


You can click the three dots to open an extended menu with further options.



Add Comment

Adds a comment in the event log for the selected openings. The comment will not save until a status has been selected and the changes saved.

  • If using a tablet this option will appear as an icon next to the camera

Add photo from gallery

Add a photo from your gallery to the selected openings

  • If using a tablet this option will appear as an icon next to the camera

Edit Tags

Lets you add tags to the selected openings. You can freely use already created tags or create new ones.

Take Photo and Edit

Take a photo and do simple edits to it before it is saved.

You simply draw with your finger.
Using the brush icon will let you change brush size and color.

The eraser button changes it to eraser mode, which lets you remove any edits you have made.

The left pointing arrow is an undo button which undos the last change.
The right pointing arrow is a redo button with redos the last change.

Save update

When you are finished with the changes, click the check mark to save your work.


4. Floor plans

You can select a specific floor plan to view the transits present on that floor plan.
You can also access the add transit and scan QR code buttons from this view.