User Manual - iPhone

1. Start the application and login
2. Select account / asset
3. The dashboard / Transits
4. Detailed transit information
5. Asset documents

1 - Start the application and login

This guide is for Google Chrome on iPhone.

Open Google Chrome and navigate to

Login using your Roxtec Software Suite account. If you do not have an accout, you can signup for a collaborator account or a free test account.

In the web browser settings, select to view the page as a desktop site

2. Select account / asset

1. When you log in or select the home icon, this will bring you to the select account page.
If you only have one account connected to your user, this one will be selected by default.

2. Otherwise select the account you want to work on

And if you’re not invited to any accounts, you will need to request an invite from an account admin or contact us regarding the creation of your own account.

Select Asset

1. After selecting the account to work with, you will see the asset list for that account.
Select the asset you want to work on from the list.

3. The Dashboard

1. By default this will show the Transit Status 2. Totals 3. Transit Event Log of all the transits present in the asset.

4. A Filter can be applied with various options. This will affect what is shown under Transit Status and the Transit Event Log.

3. The Transit Event Log shows the most recent changes in descending order.
5. You can click any transit in the list and detailed information about the transit will be displayed on the righthand side.
1. The Transit Status shows the transit status total for all transits / filtered transits.

3. Transits

Under the transits tab you will see all transits present on the asset with most recently changed one at the top. Filters will apply to this tab.

1. You can add transits, these will need to be placed on a floor plan using the android app.

2. Check the in application help section

3. If you click any transit in the list. You will see detailed information about the transit on the righthand side.

While adding a transit you can find the serial number by scanning the transits QR code.

4. Detailed transit information

When a transit has been selected, detailed information will appear on the righthand side.

1. Log

Here you will find an event log of all changes that has been made to a transit.

2. Information

Here you will see information about the classification, tag and Transit Designer info for pushed transits.

3. Openings

Here you will find the status for each Opening in the transit.

4. Documents

Here you can find and add documents pertaining to the transit.

As-built documentation
Design specifications
Installation instructions

5. Asset documents

1. Here you can add documents pertaining to the asset

2. This opens a window where you drag and drop documents or select a specific file from your hard drive.
Click a specific document to view it

3. Or download the desired document